[Mauiusers] TORQUE - how to restrict the allowed number of queued jobs in a routing queue to 0

Lech Nieroda lnieroda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 03:05:53 MST 2009

Dear list,

here is the situation - we have two execution queues, each one with
the attribute max_queuable=8, respectively, and a default queue which
routes jobs to these two queues.
The goal is to allow up to 16 jobs in the system at any given time and
reject any further jobs.

I've tried to accomplish this by setting max_queuable=0 on the default
routing queue, assuming that it would still route jobs if the
destinations allow it but reject the jobs otherwise.
However, this doesn't work - the routing queue doesn't allow any jobs.
Setting max_queuable=1 allows up to 17 jobs in the system (8 in each
exec queue and 1 waiting in the routing queue) which doesn't quite
meet the requirements.

Any ideas?

Lech Nieroda

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