[Mauiusers] about CLASSCFG with two QOS

Vamvakopoulos Manolis evamvak at cs.uoi.gr
Sun Nov 8 07:20:46 MST 2009

Dear User and developers

I would like to ask
how i can set up , one class to have to QOS

i.e (something like that ...)

CLASSCFG[blue]  QDEF=total QLIST=total&,blue&


QOSCFG[total] MAXPROC=32,64

I Would like to have one QOS to setup the FS target (between class with belong
to a specific QOS)

and one QOS to setup limit for  cpu resources

unfortunatelly i test the syntax with ambersand

but i did not have the desirableresults, (class take as default QOS only the

thank you in advance



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