[Mauiusers] SMP clusters: scheduling the local disk load?

gas5x at yahoo.com gas5x at yahoo.com
Tue May 12 09:09:32 MDT 2009

Dear Maui Users,

Could you please share your experience or thought on the followng.

I have a cluster build of quad-core dual CPUs. The cluster is not too large, so I dont like it underloaded -- that is, to allow just one job per node. It is used for rather small parallel jobs (one to four CPUs), some of them create and use large sequential files. 

But if there are several jobs per node, there can be situation when several disk-intensive jobs happen to be on the same node. That makes a bottleneck, because there is only one local disk (a raid0) they all compete for.

I'm using recent Maui and Torque.

So, is there a way to optimize my sheduling policies somehow? Thank you very much in advance!

With best regards,
Grigory Shamov
University of Manitoba


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