[Mauiusers] 3 Patch Friday

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Fri May 8 08:05:08 MDT 2009

Bas van der Vlies wrote:
> Jason Williams wrote:
>> Bas van der Vlies wrote:
>>> Jason Williams wrote:
>>>> Hey Everyone,
>>>> I recently cracked open the Maui source code and started wandering 
>>>> around inside of it to try to fix the SYSTEMMAXPROCSECONDPERJOB 
>>>> directive.  After quite a bit of digging, I managed to get it working.  
>>>> I have also, in the process of getting that directive working, managed 
>>>> to fix a couple other problems, mainly with RPM building.  I've attached 
>>>> the 3 patches and a new copy of the maui.spec file which will apply 
>>>> those patches in a normal rpm build.  Everything should build nicely 
>>>> against a fresh version of maui from cluster resources.  If anyone would 
>>>> like a copy of the .src.rpm, I can probably arrange that too.
>>> Dear Jason,
>>>   Thanks for the patch.  For the SYSTEMMAX... keywords to work the "only
>>> simple change" is:
>>>  - change mxoSched to mxoPar
>>> Regards
>> Hey Bas,
>> Yeah that's pretty much what the patch does.  I asked the question about 
>> a week ago on the list and no one responded.  Also, no results were 
>> found on google, so I did the digging, threw it in a patch and added it 
>> all to my spec file.  Just thought I would share since I couldn't 
>> actually find the answer myself through any other means.  My apologies 
>> if it is indeed a duplication.
> It was just a question and sometimes the solution looks dead simple ;-) And
> it is not a duplication. Thanks again for the patch.
Ah my apologies.  I thought it was a statement and not a question. 

Yeah, after I did an awful lot of trial and error on some of the 
sections of code that were effected by the variables that SHOULD be set 
by those directives, I found out that maui was doing it's 'silently 
fail' thing and not actually setting them at all.  Once I found out it 
was due to a NULL pointer, I traced it back and found out that the 
'mxoSched' was causing the pointer to be null during the config setup 
for those variables.  Changing it to mxoPar is the easiest way to make 
it work because it makes those null pointers actually have the right 
stuff in them.

 From what I can see, the 'mxoSched' vs. 'mxoPar' seem to be pretty much 
only used in the initial config setup stuff.  I
could be wrong,  because very little, if any, of maui's code is 
commented.  But from the tracing around that I did, that's how it 
looked.  Anyone out there, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong 


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