[Mauiusers] 3 Patch Friday

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Fri May 8 07:27:57 MDT 2009

Jason Williams wrote:
> Bas van der Vlies wrote:
>> Jason Williams wrote:
>>> Hey Everyone,
>>> I recently cracked open the Maui source code and started wandering 
>>> around inside of it to try to fix the SYSTEMMAXPROCSECONDPERJOB 
>>> directive.  After quite a bit of digging, I managed to get it working.  
>>> I have also, in the process of getting that directive working, managed 
>>> to fix a couple other problems, mainly with RPM building.  I've attached 
>>> the 3 patches and a new copy of the maui.spec file which will apply 
>>> those patches in a normal rpm build.  Everything should build nicely 
>>> against a fresh version of maui from cluster resources.  If anyone would 
>>> like a copy of the .src.rpm, I can probably arrange that too.
>> Dear Jason,
>>   Thanks for the patch.  For the SYSTEMMAX... keywords to work the "only
>> simple change" is:
>>  - change mxoSched to mxoPar
>> Regards
> Hey Bas,
> Yeah that's pretty much what the patch does.  I asked the question about 
> a week ago on the list and no one responded.  Also, no results were 
> found on google, so I did the digging, threw it in a patch and added it 
> all to my spec file.  Just thought I would share since I couldn't 
> actually find the answer myself through any other means.  My apologies 
> if it is indeed a duplication.

It was just a question and sometimes the solution looks dead simple ;-) And
it is not a duplication. Thanks again for the patch.

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