[Mauiusers] nodeaccess policy - does it work on a job by job bases?

Sarah Mulholland smm at rincon.com
Tue Mar 24 16:28:22 MDT 2009

According to the maui docs, the node access policy can be overridden on a job-by-job basis using the naccesspolicy (described at the link below).  I'm able to submit my job with a singlejob node access policy, but it appears that maui is letting other jobs onto the nodes.  Does this feature of maui work?


I have a cluster of 8 nodes with 2 processors each.  The jobnodematchpolicy is exactnode, so I get 8 processors on different nodes when I submitting with qsub

   qsub -l nodes=8:ppn=1,naccesspolicy=singlejob $myjob

Afterwards I submit another job with

   qsub -l nodes=8:ppn=1 $mynextjob

I expect the 2nd job to wait because all 8 nodes are running with a singlejob access policy.  Instead this job gets 1 processor per node and starts running right away.

Am I misunderstanding the nodeaccess policy?


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