[Mauiusers] multiple input files using $PBS_ARRAYID

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick mfitzpat at bu.edu
Fri Jun 26 10:04:38 MDT 2009

I have torque-2.3.6 installed and I am trying submit jobs using the same 
script but different input files. 
Not sure what the syntax is for the individual input files or where to 
define that. 
PBS_ARRAYID get defined/assigned 0 -10, but how do the individual input 
files as assigned the PBS_ARRAYID?

My input files are named enumSimulateCombos_1.txt   through   

In my pbs script, I have the following:
#PBS -q batch
#PBS -t 1-5
enumSimulate < enumSimulateCombos_${PBS_ARRAYID}   

error message:
/var/spool/torque/mom_priv/jobs/372829-1.nona-man.SC: line 59: 
enumSimulateCombos_{PBS_ARRAYID}.txt: No s uch file or directory

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen

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