[Mauiusers] user priority

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Wed Jun 24 07:38:32 MDT 2009

Probably the easiest way to do this would be to create another 
queue/CLASS and assign a higher priority to it.

CLASSCFG[fast]     PRIORITY=4000

The user would submit jobs to the "regular" queue as normal but when a 
faster turnaround is needed, an explicit
#PBS -q fast
in the job script would get them a higher priority.  You'll need to make 
sure of this with "diagnose -p" or a "showq -i" to make sure that your 
numbers are correct and performing the correct functions.


Frédéric Bastien wrote:
> Hi,
> Is their a way a user can tell some of its jobs have higher priority 
> over others? That way, when the scheduler choose to schedule one of its 
> jobs, they select it with the perspective of the user priority?
> example: I send a batch of jobs that take weeks and many are put in the 
> queue. Next days, I send another batch of jobs that are faster and more 
> urgent. How can I(the user) ask the scheduler to start the jobs started 
> last when it will be willing to start more of my jobs?
> thanks
> Frédéric Bastien
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