[Mauiusers] -W x=”NACCESSPOLICY:SINGLEJOB“ for nodes with different number of requested ppn

Jana Uhlirova uhlirova at fzu.cz
Mon Jun 22 07:20:26 MDT 2009


we are running Torque-2.3.6 and Maui-3.2.6p21 at our cluster.

We submitted a job with following requests:

/qsub -q batch -W x=”NACCESSPOLICY:SINGLEJOB” -l nodes=2:ppn=3+1:ppn=4/

/But only first 2 worker nodes (ppn=3) were “job-exclusive”. The third 
one (ppn=4) wasn' t. Another job started unexpectedly at this node. In 
the output of showq there was PROC = 20 instead of 24. (All nodes have 8 

/Does anybody have any suggestion?/

/Thank you./

/Best regards/

Jana Uhlirova

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