[Mauiusers] different jobs in the same nodes

zhyang at lzu.edu.cn zhyang at lzu.edu.cn
Mon Jun 1 02:09:45 MDT 2009

Hi all

 we have a  cluster including ten nodes, scheduler is torque+maui. everything is ok before. today , I check user job, but I found two user jobs in the same nodes. I use "showq" command,show: 10 of   10 Nodes Active      (100.00%), 
it means is no free nodes now.when i submit a new job (need 2 nodes), the new job status is R and get 2 nodes ,nodes  the same as other jobs. I can not believe it. if scheduler is normal, the new job status should be Q and waitting free nodes.I restart the maui , but problems is still  exist. but when I do :
/sbin/service pbs stop
Stopping PBS
/etc/init.d/pbs: line 140: [: : integer expression expected
/etc/init.d/pbs: line 146: [: : integer expression expected
/etc/init.d/pbs: line 152: [: : integer expression expected
anyone give me suggestion? Thanks!



   Lan Zhou University
  Email:zhyang at lzu.edu.cn

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