[Mauiusers] Maui QOS setting

Tony Schreiner schreian at bc.edu
Tue Jul 28 12:03:39 MDT 2009

I'm afraid I'm slow to get a handle on maui.

I have cluster PBS + Maui with several queues, and one of queues is  
limiting the number of jobs to it

For a job that's waiting to run on the "bigmemhigh" queue

checkjob JOBID


PE:  8.00  StartPriority:  81
cannot select job 24882 for partition DEFAULT (job 24882 violates  
active HARD MAXPROC limit of 32 for qos bigmemhigh  (R: 8, U: 32)


diagnose -Q


QOS Status

System QOS Settings:  QList: DEFAULT (Def: DEFAULT)  Flags: 0

Name                * Priority QTWeight QTTarget XFWeight XFTarget      
QFlags   JobFlags Limits

DEFAULT                      0        0        0        0     0.00      
[NONE]     [NONE] [NONE]
[ALL]                        0        0        0        0     0.00      
[NONE]     [NONE] [NONE]
bigmemhigh                  80        0        0        0     0.00      
   Classes:  bigmemhigh
high                        70        0        0        0     0.00      
[NONE]     [NONE] [NONE]
   Classes:  high

So I see that bigmemhigh has a MAXPROC=32 limit.  But I have not set  
that in the maui.cfg file, and the limit does not show up with the  
showconfig command or in the PBS parameters.

How do change this value?
Tony Schreiner

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