[Mauiusers] Limiting the number of processors by queue (multi-dimension fairness policies)

Michael Homa mhoma at uic.edu
Fri Jul 17 13:44:30 MDT 2009


I'm new to Maui so if I'm asking a dumbass question, I apologize. Running
Maui 3.2.619 with torque 2.3.5 on our small cluster.

I have three queues configured for students (we are a university). I want
to limit the number of nodes and processors students may use within the
configured queue. For example, I have a short queue (called student_short)
and I want to restrict the number of nodes per user to 4. I've tried the
following based upon what I've read in the Maui policy note as well as the
parameter guide:

changeparam CLASSCFG[student_short] MAXPROC=32 MAXJOB=32 MAXIJOB=32

Yet, when I submit a test job requesting more than four nodes:

  qsub -V -l nodes=6:ppn=2 -q student_short my_script

the job executes with the allocation of six nodes:


My understanding is the "MAXPROC" applies not to a single job but to the
totality of all jobs running in the queue. If I have sixteen jobs in the
queue, those jobs can use no more than 32 processors. And, for each user,
no more than 4 nodes per (both soft and hard set to four on the

Michael Homa
Operating Systems Support and Database Group
Academic Computing and Communication Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
email:  mhoma at uic.edu

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