[Mauiusers] Maui Full Open Source Fork?

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
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  The Maui license is not an easy thing representing requirements of a number of parties.  I think the license could be moved over to something more palatable but that will take time.  Unfortunately, what I have learned is that the difficulty in changing a legal document grows exponentially relative to the length of time it has been in force and number of parties that are involved.  That being said, we can try, but I am not optimistic of near-term turnaround.

  Another approach we tried is allowing more community direct involvement in Maui development and we had good initial success but found many of the contributions, while enhancing some aspects were breaking others for other users.  Attempts to work with contributors to get patches generalized enough to address the needs of the broader community bogged down because the contributors often needed local enhancements and did not have funding or motivation to modify the contributed patch beyond what was required for local consumption.  

  Something we haven't tried yet which may work for all parties would be to create one or more complete forks of the project and host it from the Cluster Resources sites.  With these forks, we could provide SVN access with remote ownership and remote read/write access.  We could likewise host WIKI's, Bugzilla, and other community infrastructure.  Organizations could then make enhancements as needed, court a like-minded body of users and contributors, and move forward without fear of breaking something for an odd site in far-off Chumba-Wumba.

  If this model is successful and substantial improvements are made, the owners of each fork would have the option of continuing forward independent in their private branch, or periodically working with the CRI team to roll in major improvements into the main fork Maui code.

  This should give freedom to innovate, with remote code control, allowing groups to develop fixes, features, and new architectures as needed.

  I understand this is not the same as open source code but it should be a big step in the right direction.  A vibrant community working on one or more of these Maui forks would also help in making the case for the effort associated with further steps toward opening the project further.

  Would this proposal be of interest?


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Hello Everyone,

I am curious about something, and perhaps someone over at Cluster 
Resources could respond here.  I've read through the license file that 
is included in maui and have noticed that it's not a GPL license.  I'm 
not, by any means, a lawyer, but I am curious to know whether or not 
it's possible to completely release the source code for maui under a 
full Open Source Compatible license so that the community at large can 
take it and roll with it.  I'm afraid to start up a fork myself without 
someone at Cluster Resources blessing the process because the wording in 
the license is so odd to me.  But it seems to me that Cluster Resources 
may not be maintaining the code anymore, so would it be possible to let 
the Open Source Community do that under something along the lines of a 
GPL or other OSS Compatible license?  Just curious.

Jason Williams
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