[Mauiusers] disable Fairshare for one specific Queue

Robin Roth rroth at tfp.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Jul 6 02:25:41 MDT 2009


we are running a cluster with sperate queues depending on walltime 
(short, medium, long) and fairshare scheduling. (Maui and torque)

We would like to add a queue "slow" with some old machines, with doesn't 
count for fairshare. So scheduling on the short/meidum/long queues 
should still be done by fairshare, but a job running in the slow-queue 
should not affect the priority of jobs in the other queues.

In Maob there seems to be the posibility to set FSPOLICY to 
SDEDICATEDPES and than set the node-speed in the slow-queue to 0, so 
that the time of jobs in the slow-queue ist counted as zero. see:

Unfortunately this does not work with maui here. (version 3.2.6p20)

Is there a different way to disable Fairshare for one queue? Or is there 
a patch somewhere, so this functionality can be patched into maui?

Thanks for your help,

Robin Roth

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