[Mauiusers] job preemption - can this be done?

Bill Wichser bill at princeton.edu
Tue Jan 27 12:07:18 MST 2009

Running maui/torque on a number of clusters.  Have never used the 
preemtion stuff before but upon searching through the documentation what 
I'd like to do might not be able to be done here.

I'd like 4 classes/queues.  A preempts B prempts C  and D preempts C.

C is the general purpose totally premptable class.  Both D and B can get 
their bits they need by preempting jobs in this class.  And I believe 
that this would be all fine and good except for this A class which needs 
full access to the machine (less D class jobs) NOW!

I've looked through the Maui docs as well as the moab ones to no avail. 
    Preliminary searching leads me to SGE and LSF.  But it sure would be 
nice to make this something maui could handle.

Anyone know of a way or something I may be missing?  I guess I could 
kill jobs out of a prologue script for A class jobs until I freed enough 
cores.  I don't know.


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