[Mauiusers] Maui.cfg Config Help

Curtis Wensley curtis.wensley at us.cd-adapco.com
Mon Jan 26 12:39:15 MST 2009

I am running Torque 2.3.0 and Maui-  We run with one queue with
all users that have the same priority and no group priority.  Basically
management wants small jobs on the clusters so they want small jobs
(less # of nodes) to have the priority.  It doesn't matter how long the
job runs.  All jobs are set at the maximum walltime so I can't
prioritize based on this feature because users do not know how long the
job will run.  How do I configure maui.cfg so that jobs with "less
number of nodes used" get higher priority than jobs that "use a larger
number of nodes"?  It doesn't matter if a 32 node job has been in the
queue 4 days...if a 4 node job goes into the queue, it should run and
not have to wait for the 32 node job to finish.

A second question I have is about walltime.  Does a job still end if the
job goes past the time set in walltime?  My users don't know how long
their jobs will run so all jobs run with a walltime of 3600.  This
number was decided upon because they wanted all jobs to complete.

Thanks for the help

Curtis Wensley

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