[Mauiusers] node allocation problem with NODEALLOCATIONPOLICY MINRESOURCE

Craig West cwest at astro.umass.edu
Thu Jan 22 11:45:25 MST 2009


Are you able to run more than one job on a single node at all?
A good way to test this would be to force two jobs onto a single node 
(try an unused node):

    qsub -l nodes=<node_name>:ppn=2 <job_script>
    qsub -l nodes=<node_name>:ppn=4 <job_script>

Are you also specifying RAM or other restrictions in the qsub, or 
default settings for the queue in torque?

What version of Maui and Torque are you running?
A copy of your maui.cfg might help.


On 01/22/2009 05:09 AM, Lech Nieroda wrote:
> our cluster has 16 nodes with 32G RAM and 8 CPUS each; we receive jobs
> with varying processor-per-node requirements, e.g. 2,6,8.
> The goal is to assign a job to a node with minimal remaining yet still
> sufficient resources to fulfill the job's requirements, e.g. 2 ppn and
> 6 ppn jobs should be allocated to a single node in order to keep other
> nodes available for potential 8 ppn jobs. The chosen configuration
> paramater "NODEALLOCATIONPOLICY MINRESOURCE" does not seem to be
> working - all nodes have been occupied with small ppn-requirement jobs
> thus leaving us with many idling processors but no free node for a 8
> ppn job.
> Any ideas?

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