[Mauiusers] what is the dedicated resource

Chu Qiu chqiu at cuc.edu.cn
Fri Jan 16 08:03:45 MST 2009



I'm learning the NODEAVAILABLEPOLICY , in which the dedicated resource
confused me!


When I  submit a job with resource "nodes=4", 

Then , I used the "diagnose -j 1234" to check the job , and which displayed


Name                  State Par Proc QOS     WCLimit R  Min     User
Group  Account  QueuedTime  Network  Opsys   Arch    Mem   Disk  Procs
Class Features


1234                Running DEF    4 DEF    00:20:00 1    4    chqiu
users        -    00:07:24   [NONE] [NONE] [NONE]    >=0    >=0    NC0
[default:1] [NONE]

WARNING:  job '1234' utilizes more procs than dedicated (3.99 > 1)


My questions are:

1.       What 's the dedicated resource?

2.       what the difference between the dedicated resource and utilized

3.       From my job 1234, why the dedicated procs is 1 and utilizes procs
is 3.99 ? 



Thank you very much!!!



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