[Mauiusers] Job prioritization on number of running jobs.

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Wed Jan 14 08:39:36 MST 2009

Coert Metz wrote:
> Hi,
> We like to set up a prioritization system in which every user has equal
> priority.
> So when the queue is full with a lot of jobs of only user a, the
> scheduler should
> just run these jobs. But when a second user is submitting jobs we like
> to share
> the number of resources equally. Is there a way to derive this behaviour
> with Maui?
> I looked at the job prioritization options, but couldn't come up with a
> way to handle this.
> Kind regards, Coert Metz


 Read the FAIRSHARE documentation of maui, we set a default FAIRSHARE for
users 5%:

just some values to enable fairshare

FSWEIGHT                1
FSUSERWEIGHT            1

# Fairshare parameters:
#       7 Windows of 24 hours.
FSDEPTH               7
FSINTERVAL            24:00:00
FSDECAY               0.90


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