[Mauiusers] job allocation question

Marc Noguera Julian marc at klingon.uab.es
Tue Jan 6 02:33:42 MST 2009

Dear list,
i am trying to configure maui to suit my needs on torque software.
The cluster i am working on is quite heterogeneous and divided in queues. Each
que has a default attribute associated to it using the que
default_resource.neednode attribute. Then each node is mapped to a que using
one attribute or another.
I have a queue with name, lets say, queue1, and two nodes with queue1
attribute.  This queue1 hast default_resource.neednode=queue1
The two nodes have 8 cores each. When I submit a job with:
#PBS -q queue1
#PBS -l nodes=2:queue1
everythin works fine
however if i use
#PBS -q queue1
#PBS -l nodes=4:queue1
I obtain
qsub: Job exceeds queue resource limits MSG=cannot locate feasible nodes

On another queue, let's say queue2 I have 16 nodes with 8 cores each. In this
case, I can use:
#PBS -q queue2
#PBS -l nodes=8:queue2
an job is mapped on the first 8 free cores(not nodes)

What parameter should I use to obtain a 4-core mapping in the queue1 case even
if there are less nodes than cores asked for?

Thanks in advance


Marc Noguera i Julian, PhD
System Manager / Researcher
Despatx C7-149. Edifici Cn.
Campus UAB. Bellaterra
08193. Barcelona
email: marc_at_klingon.uab.es
web: http://klingon.uab.es/marc
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