[Mauiusers] PBS Python Bindings

Mohan KR kmoh.raj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 09:46:00 MST 2009

 Yup, you are right it should be in the torque list. I apologize ;)
 As for the other questions:
  - Yes, it has been available for a year and I have been contacted about
it. But
     unfortunately, I'm pressed for time and cannot devote much time on it.
 - Long time ago, we had used this as the backbone for building our PBS
    (scheduler, full command suite etc..), obviously these are generally
very specific to
    the requirements  of a data-center. But, I don't mind sharing the ideas.
- Most of the python bindings that were available at the time were SWIG
  The nice thing about these bindings, they are natively implemented as
though they are
  "built-in" python types, so the syntax is very pythonic.

Sorry, apologize again, this was the wrong mailing list...

mohan kr

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On Sat, 3 Jan 2009, Mohan KR wrote:

> I have a yet another PBS Python Bindings available @:

Why do you write about it on the Maui users' list and not on the 
Torque one ?

>  http://code.google.com/p/py-pbs

I can see that this was available for more than a year - any reason 
for writing about it only now ?

> I had used this to build large Python based infrastructure 
> (including commands, scheduler among other things).

IMHO it would be more interesting to make these public rather than 
just saying that they could be done.

> I know we have used it with PBS both pro, opensource and of course 
> maui.

It seems to me like Maui doesn't have anything to do it, or am I wrong ?

What are the main differences between it and the SARA pbs_python 
package (which exists for a number of years) ?

> I would like to see if there is interest in maui community to pick 
> it up. I have similar JNI Java bindings too, which is still not 
> polished well enough to be a project.

Are these bindings for Torque or for Maui ?

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