[Mauiusers] PBS Python Bindings

Mohan KR kmoh.raj at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 10:45:36 MST 2009


 I have a yet another PBS Python Bindings available @:




 I had used this to build large Python based infrastructure (including
commands, scheduler

 among other things). A few of the features are:

-      It is APL 2.0 Licensed

-      All python types are native, no swig bindings so it has a natural
python feel to it.

-      I know we have used it with PBS both pro, opensource and of course


I would like to see if there is interest in maui community to pick it up. I
have similar JNI

Java bindings too, which is still not polished well enough to be a project.
Happy New Year!



mohan kr


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