[Mauiusers] Job remains queued for unpredictable amount of time

Jochen Ditterich jd at shadlen.org
Thu Jan 1 22:00:35 MST 2009

Dear all,

I am still having the problem that jobs that request all nodes of my 
small cluster stay queued for an unpredictable amount of time, but I 
have some additional information in the meanwhile:

pbsnodes reports that all nodes (7 in the following example) are free.

"diagnose -n" says that all nodes are Idle.

showq says that the job is in IDLE state.

The job can be started with qrun.

checkjob says "cannot select job 38 for partition DEFAULT (startdate in 

This is what I see in the Maui log file:

INFO: 7 feasible tasks found for job 38:0 in partition DEFAULT (7 Needed)
ALERT: inadequate tasks to allocate to job 38:0 (1 < 7)
ERROR: cannot allocate nodes to job '38' in partition DEFAULT

What does the second line mean?

Looking back through the mailing list archive I have found some other 
emails that seem to be related to a similar problem, but I didn't find 
any answers to these emails. Like these other users, I am using the 
CPULOAD node allocation policy.

Here is what I am wondering: Could it be that Maui does not only use the 
relative CPU load on the different nodes for deciding which nodes to 
select, but that it also has an absolute threshold for the CPU load, and 
if the current load exceeds this threshold the node will not be 
allocated at all? If so, what is this threshold and can it be changed? 
(I have already tried setting the node availability policy to UTILIZED, 
which did not fix the problem.) The machines in my cluster are not pure 
TORQUE compute nodes. Thus, there might be other processes running on 
the machines, causing some CPU load. This is the main reason for 
selecting a node allocation policy that would prefer nodes with low CPU 
load for submitted TORQUE jobs.

Thanks for any tips you might have,



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