[Mauiusers] Re: maui not schedulling jobs in avaliable resources

Roy Dragseth roy.dragseth at cc.uit.no
Mon Feb 23 10:15:44 MST 2009

On Monday 23 February 2009 16:17:50 Brian Christiansen wrote:
> Checkout the parameter RESERVATIONDEPTH. I believe it is already doing
> what you are wanting to do. By default maui only creates one priority
> reservation. This can be changed with the RESERVATIONDEPTH parameter.
> http://clusterresources.com/products/maui/docs/a.fparameters.shtml#reservat

No, it won't, this will create job reservations for the N jobs with highest 
priority which might make sense in some scenarios, but limits the schedulers 
freedom to utilize resources.  I want to keep a reservation only for the job 
with highest priority and get maui to schedule on all other resources.


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