[Mauiusers] Get jobs' priority

Boris Nikolai Konrad boris.konrad at uni-dortmund.de
Mon Feb 23 05:36:20 MST 2009

Dear Maui-Users,

is there a chance, to ask for the actual priority of a specific job?
I know, that I can use diagnose -p, but I'd like to be able to write a
script, that parses the output and since the diagnose -p output varies
depending on your config-file, that is difficult.

I also noticed, that the Torque command qstat has got a field "priority"
for the jobs, but it does not change and keeps 0.

So, is there a possibility to get the priority of a job or of all jobs
easier/more standardized than with diagnose -p?

Has anyone experience with combing Torque/Maui with virtual machines?

Best wishes,

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