[Mauiusers] Re: maui not schedulling jobs in avaliable resources

Roy Dragseth roy.dragseth at cc.uit.no
Fri Feb 20 16:51:31 MST 2009


Your posting gave me the clue on how to reproduce this problem on my test 
cluster, I've been ripping hairs out of my head trying to figure out why I 
could not reproduce the same behaviour as we see on our production cluster.

It seems like maui stops parsing through the remaining idle jobs as soon as it 
finds a job that cannot run, possibly on a per user and/or class basis, I don't 

If you comment out line 905 in src/moab/MQueue.c that reads

 IdleJobFound = TRUE;

it seems to continue parsing the idle jobs until the end.  The IdleJobFound = 
TRUE is at another place too, but I cannot tell when that kicks in.

Maybe we could make this configurable?  One can envision scenarios where the 
current behaviour is reasonable, for instance where you have thousands of jobs 
in the queue and they all have the same specs.  If you want to continue 
parsing the idle queue you should probably  set the MAXIJOB to limit the jobs 
to parse per scheduling cycle.


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