[Mauiusers] unused idle cpus on node

Klaas Vantournhout Klaas.Vantournhout at UGent.be
Fri Feb 20 08:00:13 MST 2009

Dear mauiusers,

Various nodes are flagged by maui as

WARNING:  node 'node17' has more processors utilized than dedicated (8 > 4)

The first idea would be that there are other processes running on the node then 
given by our scheduler, however this is not the case as can be seen from the 
diagnose below.

$ diagnose -n node17
diagnosing node table (5120 slots)
Name                    State  Procs     Memory         Disk          Swap 
Speed  Opsys   Arch Par   Load Res Classes                        Network 

node17                   Busy   0:8    16054:16054   46538:50695 30548:30548 
1.00 scient    X64 DEF   3.99 004 [batch_4:8] [DEFAULT] 
WARNING:  node 'node17' has more processors utilized than dedicated (8 > 4)
-----                     ---   0:8    16054:16054   46538:50695 30548:30548

Total Nodes: 1  (Active: 1  Idle: 0  Down: 0)

We have 8 processors on that node, the load is only 3.99 but yet there are 0 of 
the 8 cpus free.

Logging in onto the node confirms that there are no extra processes running on 
that node (and various others). Any idea what the reason of this could be?

We are using maui 3.2.6p19 in combination with torque 2.1.6.

Thanks in advance


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