[Mauiusers] diagnose output

Marc Noguera marc at klingon.uab.es
Thu Feb 19 08:36:32 MST 2009

Hello all,
I am trying to limit jobs on a particular queue/class using MAXJOBS and
MAXIJOBS parameters
When I execute diagnose -c on this particula queue/class I obtain:

Name                  Priority Flags        QDef              QOSList*
PartitionList        Target      Limits
transmet4             0 [NONE]       [NONE]             [NONE] 
[NONE]                0.00  MAXJOB=5:20 MAXIJOB=-1:1 

while in my maui.cfg I have:
CLASSCFG[transmet4]     MAXJOB=20 MAXIJOB=1,1

So maui reads MAXJOB=X,Y where I can modify Y but not X. What is X. It
must be noted that there are 5 jobs running in queue transmet4 and other
jobs in this queue are waiting although resources are available.

Thank you


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