[Mauiusers] nodes=x:ppn=1 is overridden by maui to nodes=x/2:ppn=2

Mehdi AMINI amini at unistra.fr
Thu Feb 19 06:38:54 MST 2009


> I'm having a strange problem when running mpi programs through the
> maui/torque scheduler: as long as I set ppn to anything larger than 1,
> the PBS_NODEFILE provides the correct hosts, i.e. nodes=4:ppn=2 works
> exactly as it should - the file contains 4 hosts, each name printed
> twice; however with nodes=4:ppn=1 it lists only two hosts with 2 cores
> per host.

I think you should add JOBNODEMATCHPOLICY EXACTNODE to your config if 
you want maui to honor exactly nodes/ppn settings.


  Mehdi AMINI
  Département Expertise pour la Recherche
  Université de Strasbourg / Direction Informatique

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