[Mauiusers] jobs still not FIFO scheduled

Marc Noguera marc at klingon.uab.es
Tue Feb 3 04:51:02 MST 2009

Hello list,
Following this subject I have found that if I modify job priority jobs
are run.
I make priority modification with "setspri 100 jobuid"

Does this give any clue to someone?

Marc Noguera escribió:
> Hi all,
> I am still trying to understand this odd behaviour. Jobs are not running
> even if resources are available
> "qstat -na1 transmet4" (transmet4 is a specific queue) results in output
> in attached qstat.txt. diagnose.txt contains "diagnose -p" output. It
> seems that priorities are ok with a FIFO order.
> I have changed my maui.cfg, according to suggestions in the list, to the
> contents of maui.cfg attached file. "checkjob" of the first queued job
> is also attached.
> I am quite lost, so any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Marc

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