[Mauiusers] MSysRegEvent(JOBRESVIOLATION: job '850416' in state 'Running' has exceeded PROC resource limit (1618 > 100) (action CANCEL will be taken)

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 12:46:00 MST 2009

> Try unsetting
> resources_default.nodes = 1
> resources_max.nodes = 12
> resources_min.nodes = 1
> and using
> resources_min.nodect = 1
> resources_max.nodect = 12
>  etc instead.

Set those and restarted both pbs_server and maui. Still same problem
with a job that uses 16 threads on one node:

12/23 13:32:04 INFO:     job 850431 exceeds requested proc limit (15.86 > 1.00)

I also tried setting resources_?.nodes to these before you mentioned
completely removing those settings:

resources_default.nodes = 1:ppn=1
resources_min.nodes = 1:ppn=1
resources_max.nodes = 12:ppn=16

Still same results, and also tried using


and although that didn't cancel this job, it also didn't cancel the
job when I requested nodes=1:ppn=1 in the PBS script but had the
program use 16 threads, i.e. I don't want users to be able to get away
with using more processors than they requested in the PBS file.

> How many virtual cpu on compute node?
> cat /proc/cpuinfo

Each has 16 processors (dual Nehalem X5570 per each node with HT turned on)

> and
> cat pbs_mom config

I don't understand what you're asking for. The nodes configuration
file for the pbs_server has np=16 for each of these compute nodes. The
pbs_mom config files just have a bunch of $usecp lines for telling the
moms to copy output files directly rather than to use scp or rcp.

Sabuj Pattanayek

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