[Mauiusers] Reservation issue

Charles Johnson charles.johnson at accre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Dec 18 10:13:34 MST 2009

On Dec 18, 2009, at 1:18 AM, rishi pathak wrote:

> Hello Charles,
>                     Job reservation will exists till the job ends.  
> You can always modify reservation ''moraj' excluding the nodes which  
> you want to take offline and adding more nodes if required. If you  
> are using PBS/Torque, you can drain a node by making it offline.
> P.S. By the command used for reservation, I guess you are using  
> MOAB. Post your queries for moab support at moabusers at supercluster.org

I have posted to moabusers at supercluster, but nothing ever shows up. In  
desperation I posted here. The problem persists. We did find a very  
small problem in DNS related to how dhcp handed an IP to a node, but  
that was fixed last night. We found a reverse lookup issue one a node.



Charles Johnson
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