[Mauiusers] Reservation hekp

Charles Johnson charles.johnson at accre.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Dec 17 12:13:55 MST 2009

Torque version 2.3.6
Moab server 5.3.2 (revision 12709)

I am confused, and exasperated! I am trying to create a reservation  
for a single group of users on a single node, but no command using  
mrsvctl *seems* to be doing what I ask.

Can someone have any guidance to share? Please?

Here is the command I used:

mrsvctl -c -n manodeep -h '^vmp287$' -a group==nbody -F  
ignstate,ignrsv -d 720:00:00

I assume this means: create a reservation named manodeep, place the  
reservation on vmp287, only users belonging to the nbody group may use  
the node, create the reservation ignoring its present state and any  
other reservations currently on it, have have the reservation for 30  

I was returned this message:

reservation manodeep.3446 created

When I do

mdiag -r -v manodeep.3446

I get this:

Diagnosing Reservations
RsvID                      Type Par   StartTime     EndTime      
Duration Node Task Proc
-----                      ---- ---   ---------     -------      
-------- ---- ---- ----
manodeep.3446              User bas   -00:00:17 29:23:59:43   
30:00:00:00    1    1    8
     ACL:   RSV==manodeep.3446= GROUP==nbody+
     CL:    RSV==manodeep.3446
     Accounting Creds:  User:root
     Task Resources: PROCS: [ALL]
     SubType: Other
     Attributes (HostExp='^vmp287$')
     Active PH: 0.09/0.09 (100.00%)

When I do

showres -n manodeep.3446

I get this:

vmp075               User      manodeep.3446        N/A    1    
-00:08:50 30:00:00:00  Thu Dec 17 13:02:06

So, why is the reservation on vmp075 and not vmp287?

I am really needing an answer to this. Can anyone help? What have I  


Charles Johnson
Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education
Office: 615-343-2776
Cell: 615-478-5743
charles.johnson at accre.vanderbilt.edu

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