[Mauiusers] FS percent of total

Craig West cwest at astro.umass.edu
Thu Dec 3 10:11:56 MST 2009

Hi Jim,
> Recently, the cluster has had a lot of idle time, and the result was a
> single group was often the only user for several fairshare timeslots,
> but still only using 5% of the total cluster (95% of the cluster was
> idle).  The maui fair share seems to calculate usage percentages
> against the total amount of resources consumed, not the total
> available.  This results in unfair penalization for some users who
> used small portions of the cluster for a long while, but another user
> suddenly spikes their usage (takes the entire cluster).  Is there a
> way to change the fairshare usage ration to be against the total
> online resources rather than the total consumed resources?

This is a known issue with MAUI, and a patch was made for it some time back.
Here is the thread that has been referenced before.


I've not used the patch. That patch is also a few years old.
I tried to patch it against maui-3.2.6p21 but it fails.


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