[Mauiusers] Questing regarding Partition, and looking for other alternatives

Gabe Turner gabe at msi.umn.edu
Thu Apr 16 13:57:50 MDT 2009

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 01:55:30PM -0500, Ling C. Ho wrote:
> We have two group of nodes running jobs submitted to two groups of Torque queues. For example, 
> node001-node100 run jobs submitted to queue a, b and c, while node101-node200 run jobs submitted to 
> z, y and z only
> We tried splitting them into two partitions in Maui, using nodecfg for each node. eg. 
> .
> .
> .
> .
> .
> .
> This setup works pretty well, but having to maintain cfg file with the number of nodes make me feel 
> uneasy.
> Jobs for queue a,b,c usually have higher so they are always at the top of the priority table (based 
> on diagnose -p). Without using partitioning, we could never get any job for queue x,y,z started on 
> node101-200 even when node001-100 are all busy. Even when maui is not processing any jobs in queue 
> a,b,c, it doesn't do anything to jobs from x,y,z waiting to start. I have tried using BACKFILL like 
> this and it doesn't work:
> BACKFILLDEPTH           0
> BFCHUNKDURATION         00:00:30
> BFCHUNKSIZE             1
> My questions are,
> - is there another way to assign a node to a partition other than having to enter NOCFG for each and 
> every node in the maui.cfg file? I have 800+ nodes so the cfg file is going to be huge.
> - beside using partition, what other features are appropriate for managing jobs for two non-overlap 
> group of machines like ours?
> - Should like look into using NODESET ?  (Is it even a Maui feature, or just Moab?)

I've always thought of partitions as impenetrable boundries in Maui and
Moab.  I use them as the highest level container, and I never want jobs or
reservations to span them.

To this end, I use NODECFG to assign my nodes to a partition, and then
CLASSCFG to assign my queues to a partition:

    NODECFG[node001]	PARTITION=part1


My users then submit to queue and their job is guaranteed to be in the
right partition.

Now, having job reservations per partition is a bit trickier, but it's
doable (I do it in Moab, so YMMV with Maui).  What I would do is assign a
default QOS for each of your queues

    CLASSCFG[a]		QDEF=part1qos

and add to that QOS a reservation profile that has it's own

    RESERVATIONDEPTH[part1rsv]		1
    RESERVATIONQOSLIST[part1rsv]	part1qos

Then you would also make that QOS the default for your other queues in that

    CLASSCFG[b]		QDEF=part1qos
    CLASSCFG[c]		QDEF=part1qos

I've been using a configuration in Moab similar to this for almost 3 years
and it's been working just fine.  I did my best to map Moab's parameters to
Maui ones using the Maui docs, but you will need to do some


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