Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Thu Apr 16 13:39:32 MDT 2009

So perhaps I am misunderstanding what this directive is supposed to do, 
but from reading the docs on the website, I gather that if I set  
SYSTEMMAXPROCSECONDPERJOB to something like 3600 in my maui.cfg and try 
to submit an 8 processor job  with a requested wallclock of 1 hour that 
the job should be rejected by maui.  Because 1 hour = 3600 seconds, but 
if you are requesting 8 processors, that is actually 28800 PROCESSOR 
seconds you are requesting which is over the limit above.  This is 
assuming, of course, a very large SYSTEMMAXJOBWALLTIME set in maui.cfg 
as well.

I've actually noticed that
seem to be no-ops inside of Maui.  Now I've tried to look through the 
source code and see where those parameters are actually used, but the 
source code seems to be obfuscated to the point where it would take me 
hours to track down what it's actually doing.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Or am I just reading the parameter 
description wrong on the site.  Also, I know that torque has a way of 
setting the default wall clock time.  What I am doing is an experiment 
on a test cluster because there seems to be a need rising to intersect 
wallclock limits with an actual processor-second-per-job limit.  It 
would be really nice if I could get the processor-second-per-job limit 
working in maui.

Jason Williams
Systems Administrator/HPC Architect
Johns Hopkins University
Physics and Astronomy Department

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