[Mauiusers] max idle values for groups

Greenseid, Joseph M (IS) Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com
Mon Apr 13 07:28:11 MDT 2009

hi all,
i am trying to set up max idle limits for various values on a per group basis (maxiproc, maxinode, and maxijob).  my goal is that each group can have no more than 512 requested CPUs or 64 requested nodes or 4 idle jobs scheduled for execution (and then everything beyond those limits is deferred until they fall below again).
i have lines in my maui.cfg for each group that look like:
CLASSCFG[workq] MAXIPROC[GROUP:mosaic]=512 MAXINODE[GROUP:mosaic]=64 MAXIJOB[GROUP:mosaic]=4
it almost works, but the limits are applied across all groups, so the system won't schedule more than 4 jobs for all combined groups, for example, and then all other jobs get deferred.  how do i get these limits to apply on a per group basis, rather than a "all jobs together" basis?
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