[Mauiusers] the problem of testing checkpoint/restart with torque 2.4.0 and maui 3.2.6p19

qindm at dawning.com.cn qindm at dawning.com.cn
Wed Sep 17 16:14:17 MDT 2008

HI,  everyone

I used blcr-0.7.3 and torque torque-2.4.0-snap.200809111541.tar.gz  to 
test the checkpoint/restart function according to 

the wiki: 

I found an insteresting question, when I qhold the job, I'll see the 
checkpoint file located at 

but when I qrls the same job 4817, the pbs_mom daemon at the compute node 
will down (killed by something).  Any clues? 

Thank you very much.

dolphin ,qin 
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