[Mauiusers] nodeallocationpolicy

A.Th.C. Hulst hulst at argoss.nl
Mon Sep 8 05:41:55 MDT 2008

Ah, sorry, I've found it. With moab one can request nodes=4:tpn=4, which does 
what I expect. I'll need moab if I want to try this. 


On Monday 08 September 2008 13:22:46 A.Th.C. Hulst wrote:
> #PBS -l nodes=4:ppn=4
> lamboot
> mpiexec hello_mpi
> lamhalt
> What happens is that the job is run on two nodes, each node running two
> chunks of 4 "cpus" (which are actually cores). That is not really
> desirable. I would like to divide the job over 4 nodes.
> My initial guess was that I could control node allocation with the
> nodeallocationpolicy parameter, but I fail to get it working.
> Does anyone have any experience with a similar issue? Is it possible?
> Best regards,
> Sander
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