[Mauiusers] nodeallocationpolicy

A.Th.C. Hulst hulst at argoss.nl
Mon Sep 8 05:22:46 MDT 2008


I have a test cluster of 4 nodes that each have two quad core CPU's. Previous 
benchmarks with an atmospheric model showed that there's an issue with the 
quad cores in the sense that the speed of the front side bus is a limiting 
factor. I would like to have control over the allocation of nodes.

Using the MPI TM interface I request:

#PBS -l nodes=4:ppn=4
mpiexec hello_mpi

What happens is that the job is run on two nodes, each node running two chunks 
of 4 "cpus" (which are actually cores). That is not really desirable. I would 
like to divide the job over 4 nodes.

My initial guess was that I could control node allocation with the 
nodeallocationpolicy parameter, but I fail to get it working.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar issue? Is it possible?

Best regards,

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