[Mauiusers] New Maui Patch (3.2.6p21)

Brian Christiansen bchristiansen at clusterresources.com
Mon Oct 20 11:21:11 MDT 2008

Maui Community,

A new patch, 21, has been created for version 3.2.6. It can be 
downloaded from:


Additions to Maui during patch 20 are listed below. We would like to 
thank the community for their continued support and efforts.

For reporting bugs or suggestions please send a note to 
mauiusers at supercluster.org

Cluster Resources Inc.


Maui 3.2.6p20
  - Fixed a potential security issue when Maui is used with some PBS 
  - Fixed a bug pertaining to Maui's resource policy ExtendedViolation 
time (thanks goes to Nick Sonneveld).
  - Fixed a bug with generic consumable floating resources which 
prevented them from working when a job also requested a 'mem' resource 
(thanks to Jeffrey Reed for the fix).
  - Fixed typos in MPBSI.c that may have caused undesirable side-effects 
(thanks to Jeffrey Reed for the fix).
  - Fixed a bug where group fairshare components were being 
miscalculated when percent based fairshare is enabled (thanks goes to 
Steve Traylen for the fix).
  - Implemented FSSECONDARYGROUPS to map unix groups to fair share 
groups. Contributed by Bas van der Vlies (SARA).
  - Implemented IGNPBSGROUPLIST to ignore 'qsub -W group_list=<value>'. 
Contributed by Bas van der Vlies (SARA).
      Maui did not parse the PBS group_list parameter:
        qsub -W group_list=<value>

      This variable has the highest priority and will set the group 
credential to
        the value specified. We at SARA want to ignore this parameter, 
because we
      do not want an user to specify its own group and bypass the FairShare
      targets. So we added an option to ignore this parameter:
        - IGNPBSGROUPLIST          TRUE

      This patch also fix some debug problems that i had when the debug 
level is
      set to another value then the default one, eg:
        - LOGLEVEL 9

      Maui has a lot of keywords and the parsing of the keywords are only be
      shown if a certain loglevel is set. Somebody thought it is nice 
that the
      maui keyword table is sorted alphabetically. This is not correct 
      now only the keywords after the LOG... definitions are shown. This 
      moves the LOG.. keywords definition to the beginning of keyword 
table and
      fix this problem.

  - Implemented fitting of jobs into available partitions. Contributed 
by Eygene Ryabinkin, Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute".
    ex. USERCFG[user] PLIST=par1,par2,par3 PDEF=par2 user's job will 
firt try to be fit in par2. If par2 doesn't work then par1 and par3 will 
be tried.
  - Added DBG(3,fALL) to lone DPrint statements in src/moab/MRes.c 
because it was flooding the log file for Michael Barnes when working 
with 32k jobs.


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