[Mauiusers] Should DPrint() always be followed by DBG?

Michael Barnes Michael.Barnes at jlab.org
Wed Oct 8 09:28:42 MDT 2008

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 09:58:54PM +0200, Bas van der Vlies wrote:
>    I find this a good suggestion.  Just  checked the latest snapshot  
> and the DPrint statements did not changed.


>  I am also interested what of kind you patches you applied to maui to  
> handle this amount of jobs.

I did:

In include/msched.h:

These were at 4096, upped to 32k:

#define MAX_MJOB           32768
#define MMAX_JOB           32768
#define MAX_MJOB_TRACE     32768

In include/msched-common.h:

This was upped as well:

#ifndef MAX_MTASK
# define MAX_MTASK         32768
#endif /* MAX_MTASK */

I wasn't sure what all needed to be bumped from 4096 to whatever, but
these are what I changed.

I believe someone asked about memory usage.  I've seen maui with these
patches and workload up to about 20k jobs, and I've seen the memory
usage of maui at about 1 GB, maybe more.  We bought more RAM for the
machine because it was thrashing the swap.

This is also on a 32bit machine.  I've run maui on 64bit machines before
(alpha, not intel), but I have found issues with 64bit builds on intel
boxes.  For example, LOGFILEMAXSIZE is cast to an int, instead of
size_t, I would guess there are other similar issues.

I've found similar issues in torque.  The src/resmom/linux/mom_mach.c

                else if (!strcmp(pname,"file"))

I don't remember what the problem was, if it was in getsize(), or inside
of the if(!strcmp(pname,"file")) {} block, but with either filesystems
or files > 2 or 4 gig, that chunk of code did not work.  It may of been
the setrlimit() call that failed.  (this is with torque-2.1.10, this may
of been fixed since that release).


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