[Mauiusers] Should DPrint() always be followed by DBG?

Michael Barnes Michael.Barnes at jlab.org
Mon Oct 6 06:50:17 MDT 2008


This is more towards developers.

We are running Maui 3.2.6p13, so forgive me if this has been fixed in
later versions or snapshots, but we ran into trouble when trying to
schedule 20-25k jobs.

We have patched Maui to handle 32k jobs up from its default 4k limit,
and then we found that Maui was unresponsive due to almost 100% of its
logging was from src/moab/MRes.c where it was executing these lines:

./src/moab/MRes.c:      DPrint("INFO:     R1[%d]  S: %ld  E: %ld  T: %d N: %d\n",
./src/moab/MRes.c:      DPrint("INFO:     R2[%d]  S: %ld  E: %ld  T: %d N: %d\n"

We ripped out that code, recompiled, and now Maui is usable.

After poking around, I found that almost all of the DPrint statements
were prefixed with something like DBG(2,fUI).  There are about 40 lines
of code that have DPrint()s without DBG()s in front of them.

Should all of the DPrint()s be prefixed with a DBG()?



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