[Mauiusers] Cluster resources.

Emmanuel V. Dominguez emmdom at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 2 13:55:31 MDT 2008

Hello everyone

I am fairly new to maui and I apologize if my lingo is not correct. Here 
is my situation I have a user that when she request time on our cluster 
on any node she gather her application will stop when ram reaches 2.9 
gigs. I have looked through documentation but have either overlooked or 
could not find if there is a place in Maui where resource limits can be 
set. Here is what she sent me all help is appreciated thanks!

 Okay, regardless of whether I qsub this or get a node interactively, I
still have the same problem. One such example is:
cd /cluster/..
qsub run_vehgen
which has in it #PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=2:p3,walltime=999:00:00
in the log file I get the message
terminate called recursively
When I run one other script (run_blkgrploc on say test where the

network is just a little too big I get a different messge but same issue:
# ERROR in [POPL]:  Unknown exception
@ ERROR in [POPL]: 24005 Failure exit, Unknown exception has occurred

Anyways, what I do is ssh onto the machine and watch the memory usage with

top. It continues to grow until it reaches about 2.9GB and then the
program dies and give the respective error message.

I tried this on n061 assuming that it has more memory but dies at about
the same memory usage (2.9GB)



Emmanuel Dominguez
Los Alamos National Laboratory 
CTN-1: System Adminstrator
(505) 667-3616	
(505) 664-5985


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