[Mauiusers] Strange Maui behavior when queuing a job that requests all nodes

Jochen Ditterich jd at shadlen.org
Wed Nov 26 12:14:04 MST 2008


I am a new Maui users and I have observed some "strange" behavior that 
currently doesn't make any sense to me: I have a small cluster and it 
can happen quite often that jobs are submitted, which require all 
cluster nodes. Even when no other jobs are in the queue and both Maui 
and TORQUE report that all nodes are available, jobs that request all 
cluster nodes remain queued for an unpredictable amount of time 
(sometimes minutes, sometimes hours). When I try to force Maui to 
execute the job immediately it reports that the nodes cannot be 
allocated. When queuing jobs that request fewer nodes they get executed 
right away. Is there any reasonable explanation for this behavior? (I am 
using the latest releases of both TORQUE and Maui and the only major 
change I have made to the default configuration of Maui is that I have 
changed the node allocation policy to CPULOAD.)




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