[Mauiusers] PBS RM extensions usage

Jay Srinivasan jay at nersc.gov
Wed Nov 19 10:12:47 MST 2008


I'm trying to use the RM extensions with Maui 3.2.6p20 and Torque 2.3.0. 
  My default setting in Maui for node allocation parameters is as follows:


But, I'd like to submit a job to a serial queue that allows for SHARED 
node access, and so I submit a job as follows:

qsub -Wx=NACCESSPOLICY:SHARED serial.job

where I request -lnodes=1:ppn=1

But this seems to be getting ignored and Maui continues to assume the 
node access policy is SINGLEJOB. The log file shows the following (where 
it seems to show that it accepts the RM extension but ignores it).

11/18 12:10:36 INFO:     PBS attribute 'submit_args'  value: 
'-Wx=NACCESSPOLICY:SHARED serial.job '  (r: NULL)
11/18 12:10:36 INFO:     PBS attribute 'x'  value: 
11/18 12:10:36 MJobSetAttr(1493,RMXString,Value,1,0)
11/18 12:10:36 MJobProcessExtensionString(1493,NACCESSPOLICY:SHARED)
11/18 12:10:36 MUGetIndex(NACCESSPOLICY:SHARED,ValList,0)
11/18 12:10:36 MUGetIndex(SHARED,ValList,2)
11/18 12:10:36 INFO:     job node access policy set to SHARED
11/18 12:10:36 MJobSetCreds(1493,jay,mpccc,)
11/18 12:10:36 MUserAdd(UName,UP)
11/18 12:10:36 MGroupAdd(GName,GP)
11/18 12:10:36 MJobGetAccount(1493,A)
11/18 12:10:36 INFO:     job flags for job 1493: 800, req napolicy=SINGLEJOB
11/18 12:10:36 MJobSetAttr(1493,GAttr,Value,1,5)
11/18 12:10:36 MQOSGetAccess(1493,NULL,QAL,QDef)

My question is whether the RM extension for NACCESSPOLICY actually work? 
Am I missing some other setting (in Torque, for instance) that needs to 
be done for this to work? I've tried the same syntax with other RM 
extensions (HOSTLIST, for example), and those work, but NACCESSPOLICY 
does not.

Thanks for any help.


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