[Mauiusers] Maui going down on "reservation over flow" error

Virendra Pratap Singh vpsingh at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Nov 2 13:19:52 MST 2008

Hi Roy/All,

  Thanks for your help. Can some one help me to understand the reservation
config parameters in better way. This is what we have in our production:

RESDEPTH              24

MAX_MRES in moab.h was set to default 1024 at compilation. Currently the
maui is going down in production env and is not possible to compile and push
new scheduler with the code changes.
    Have around 115 node in the cluster. We don't have such a requirement
for job reservation. Its their as part of default maui config setting. We
have BACKFILL enabled so without the RESERVATIONPOLICY enabled it may cause
job starvation for high priority jobs if the low priority ones keep on
getting scheduled via backfilling.
    I was wondering that by pulling the RESDEPTH to 4-5 we can still keep
the RESERVATIONPOLICY enabled and keep the reserved jobs well under the 1024
MAX_MRES limit.
   Couldn't get much to read about this RESDEPTH parameter in the maui
parameter documentation. However I believe it specifies the max number of
reservations you can make against per node. With that understanding I
believe that would be 24*115 in our case which would be way beyond 1024
compiled value in the scheduler. So if we bring it under 1024 by reigning
the RESDEPT value then maui should come avoid over flowing on job
   Would be great if my understanding could be confirmed.


On 10/30/08 6:28 PM, "Roy Dragseth" <roy.dragseth at cc.uit.no> wrote:

> Try increasing MAX_MRES in moab.h.
> r.
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