[Mauiusers] node_pack torque server parameter significance in maui scheduling

Virendra Pratap. Singh vpsingh at yahoo-inc.com
Thu May 29 03:34:46 MDT 2008

Hi All,


    We are using maui + torque system. The torque server parameters
states following about node_pack server parameter.


node_pack        <BOOLEAN>    ---         Controls how multiple
processor nodes are allocated to jobs.  If this attribute is set to
true, jobs will be assigned to the multiple processor nodes with the
fewest free processors.  This packs jobs into the fewest possible nodes
leaving multiple processor nodes free for jobs which need many
processors on a node.  If set to false, jobs will be scattered across
nodes reducing conflicts over memory between jobs.  If unset, the jobs
are packed on nodes in the order that the nodes are declared to the
server (in the nodes file).  Default value: unset - assigned to nodes as
nodes in order that were declared.


Will this parameter have any impact in the scheduling (essentially
deciding on which nodes to pick for job execution?) when I am using maui
as external scheduler. 


My take is that this parameter is used by torque internal scheduler
"pbs_scheduler". And its setting would be overridden when an external
scheduler is used. Or is it for maui for some scheduling setting this
parameter plays any significance.






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