[Mauiusers] Configuring maui parameters for sharing it among two groups

vaibhav agrawal agrvaibhav at gmail.com
Mon May 26 01:02:52 MDT 2008

Hi all,

     I am trying to setup a torque+maui system with intention of sharing it
among two groups. I have some scheduling/job prioritization requirements to
meet and wish to understand what all parameters I need to invoke in the
scheduler (maui) conf to achieve the same.

    Have mentioned the problem statement stepwise:

1)       Need to set up a common shared torque+maui cluster for two groups
(G1 & G2).

2)       Need the group to share the cluster based on jobs i.e. if the
cluster can run 100 jobs in parallel then the two groups G1 and G2 will have
the job quota set amongst them say G1:60 and G2:40.

3)       If a group has all its job in running state and no queued job left
to execute, and there are jobs in queued stated from the other group (and
job slots still available on cluster) then the scheduler should do a
backfill from the other group's job queues.

4)       Incase the job quota of one group, say G1, is being consumed by
other group, say G2, and after sometime the group G1 starts putting its job
on the queue, then the scheduler should from the next scheduling cycle start
pushing the jobs for the group G1 till the quota for G1 jobs is met.

5)       Each group will have multiple priority queues to push their jobs
on. Essentially meaning that the scheduler will have to calculate the
priority within a group jobs also when it is about to schedule one from it.

      Any pointer to the parameters that would help me achieving this will
be great.

 Currently I am working with following version of torque & maui.

Torque ->  2.1.9

Maui -> 3.2.6p19


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