[Mauiusers] workload trace file - how to create ?

Sergio Maffioletti sergio.maffioletti at cscs.ch
Thu May 15 07:16:12 MDT 2008

Hi All 
we would like to extract workload information out of our running system 
( torque-2.1.9 +maui-3.2.6p19_20 ) 
we have found documents explaining how maui uses these recored 
information, but not how to created them 
thanks a lot for any hint 
Sergio :) 
  Dr. Sergio Maffioletti 
  Grid Group 
  CSCS, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre 
  Via Cantonale 
  CH-6928 Manno 
  Tel: +41916108218 
  Fax: +41916108282 
  email: sergio.maffioletti at cscs.ch 

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